Custom floor mat for augmented reality use

One of the most attention-grabbing mediums for marketing your products and services is augmented reality (AR) mats. 

AR Mats, like traditional custom logo mats, market your products and services, but are designed with the implementation of augmented reality. AR is the merging of what we see naturally with the digital creations and possibilities that our smart devices can create. These AR mats utilize the connection consumers have to their smart devices by engaging with them via digital means.

Viewing your advertisements through their devices allows for an added dimension of marketing by utilizing interactivity. Using this avenue of marketing in your business has several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Augmented reality mats are cutting-edge
  • Industry-leading companies worldwide already utilize augmented reality for marketing
  • It introduces interactivity to your advertising for increased customer engagement
  • Custom logo mats are an affordable and accessible implementation of augmented reality for businesses

In an increasingly digital world, companies are utilizing all avenues for reaching potential customers and clients. Your business can keep up with industry leaders and increase sales with the use of cutting-edge technology like AR mats.

Custom floor mat optimized for augmented reality use

The Cutting-Edge of Marketing

Augmented reality technology isn't new, but it is finally gaining the mainstream traction needed to utilize it in marketing and advertising. The medium uses increasingly common technology, smartphones, for example, for people to engage with their environment in a way that blends the world around you and the digital possibilities inside your phone.

Utilizing augmented reality technology in marketing keeps your business at the forefront of your industry, leading the way with the latest and greatest methods for promoting your brand.

The technology is quickly becoming widely adopted across industries and is creating a new market of potential customers and clients. You can miss out on this potential business without augmented reality marketing tools like custom logo mats that are designed for augmented reality applications.

Augmented reality as a marketing medium is more than a gimmick; it is generating results. In a piece for Forbes, these results are explained. They write, "The fact AR [augmented reality] advertising can't be forced upon us will certainly ensure it fares well. Indeed, augmented reality advertising is already outperforming other channels with conversion rates in the 20-80% range."

The pandemic has resulted in shifts for many consumers towards using augmented reality and other immersive tech. In an article for CMS WiRE, the results of a report on this shifting consumer behavior were explored. They wrote, "According to the report, 69% of those polled expect to use AR and VR [virtual reality] to sample products in 2021."

Augmented reality was already entering mainstream culture, and the pandemic has expedited this process as consumers are much more likely to use augmented reality technology in their shopping experience.

When a customer comes up to your counter or walks into your business, and the custom logo mats and branded floor mats are designed to reach them using augmented reality, your business is creating new customers by keeping up with industry trends.

Industry Leaders Use Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality is being utilized to great success by major companies across industries worldwide. For many companies, the technology leads to a higher conversion of window shoppers to actual customers.

The home-improvement store Lowe's, for example, uses augmented reality in their app as a tool for customers to view products to scale in their own space through the camera. Lowes said in an article for AdWeek regarding the use of augmented reality technology that it "scores a 104 percent higher conversion rate when customers interact with 3-D objects in its app compared to those who didn't."

The most notable use of augmented reality in recent memory is the global phenomenon of the smartphone game Pokemon Go. The app merged the traditional videogame element of catching the adorable creatures and battling them with the real world by having users search their environment for the pokemon and battles. The game was a monumental success and an excellent case study of the effectiveness of augmented reality technology.

A staple of the social media zeitgeist is the prevalent use of filters on Snapchat and similar platforms. The filters that can give you dog ears or hearts flying around your head effectively use augmented reality technology. The filters are popular among those posting on social media and are an extremely effective marketing tool. Brands, movies and television, and even events will create custom filters that people use and post to social media resulting in a wider reach.

Implementing augmented reality technology for the promotion of your products and services will place you ahead of your competitor and present your company as one that understands the current social and technological environments that major companies are marketing in.

For small and large businesses alike, augmented reality mats are a simple and effective way to use the cutting-edge technology and its benefits for your business needs. 

Countertop mat made for phone interactivity

Increasing Customer Engagement by Utilizing Interactivity

When your customers are interacting with your advertisements through augmented reality, some important things are occurring.

To start, the engagement in itself is a win because it shows that customers are exploring your products and services of their own accord out of interest in your marketing. This interaction is the first step in curiosity becoming a sale.

Also significant is the impact the engagement will have on the customer. Marketing that calls for user engagement will have a lasting effect on the minds of potential customers.

The advertisement that connects directly with the customer's smart device to offer more information will stick with them more than a standard poster or cardboard cutout.

According to a report from TechJury, "the average American spends a little above 5 hours daily on their mobile phones." In the same report, it is said that by the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 298 million smartphone users in the country. With a highly saturated population of smartphone users on their phones for hours a day, marketing strategies that utilize the connection people have with their phones will have more success than those that don't.

Implementing augmented reality in the marketing of your business with the use of custom logo mats can engage your customers by encouraging interactivity with your advertising.

Custom Logo Mats are Affordable Augmented Reality Marketing Tools

Major companies like IKEA and Amazon have a deep well of resources they can dedicate to implementing augmented reality in their company. Despite that, any business can utilize augmented reality for their brand by using custom logo mats designed for augmented reality applications.

Having custom logo mats is an effective and straightforward way to implement this technology in your business. You can design counter mats to have by your register or branded floor mats at your entrance that provide your customers the opportunity to engage and learn more about your business.

The beauty of the custom logo mat is that it is accessible for both the business to use and the customers to engage with. It is cutting-edge while being accessible. Customers don't need to be tech-savvy to interact with your augmented mats. The experience is easy and enjoyable for customers.

Unlike what the major chains are doing, this form of augmented reality is relatively inexpensive to implement. They are the perfect avenue for small and local businesses to upgrade and boost sales.

Custom-Mats can Help Upgrade Your Business

Keeping your business at the top of its game with the implementation of augmented reality can be a seamless and affordable experience when you shop at Custom-Mats. If you want to learn more about augmented mats or you have other custom mat needs, click here to contact us or give us a call at 800-330-1343. 

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