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Point of Purchase (POP) logo mats are a multi-purpose tool for your business to promote products and enhance customer experience. While POP logo mats are often placed at the cash register of a store, they have a surprising level of versatility and go far beyond just the register. 

Point of purchase mats boast a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the reason your business could use them:

  • They are versatile and can be used business-wide for numerous applications
  • They draw attention to the products and services you want to highlight
  • They offer safety and comfort to customers and clients
  • They provide useful information that can lead to sales

Whether you are looking to give a new product a promotional boost or keep your customers in the loop on your services, POP logo mats will catch your customer’s attention.

 Custom promotional countertop mat

Not Just For Your Counters

POP mats come in many different forms. The branded countertop mats you see at your local convenience store may be the first example that comes to mind, but they also come as mats for floors, high traffic doorways, and even presentation booths.

The benefit of the POP mats is that they come specialized to meet your business needs and requirements. Whether you need commercial floor mats with a logo or General Service Administration (GSA) approved mats, they are made for a wide range of needs.


Draw Attention To Promotions

When promoting a sale, each type of advertisement has its strengths and weaknesses. However, they have a common goal of informing the customer. Educating the clientele on sales and promotions can be done through many different avenues.

Floor mats are an excellent way to draw attention to promotions or demonstrations in a functional and professional way. Humans are visual creatures; quality branded floor mats are valuable assets in marketing your products and services. It will draw the eyes of customers and clients and present your company as a professional establishment that considers quality in the highest regard.


Provide Safety and Comfort to Customers

Custom floor mats draw attention to promotions, but they also prevent slip and fall accidents. Mats as a functional tool are there to ensure people have a cushion under their feet and do not slip on a wet floor. Being both aesthetically pleasing and functional makes it a practical purchase for your business.


Provide Valuable Information

POP mats provide value to clients because it provides information that they need. These mats can have detailed information about products that help sway their decision on whether or not to buy

If their eyes start wandering towards the floor and the last thing they see is a POP mat, it could very well be the reason why someone went from “thinking about it” to purchasing. Not only does this benefit the client by providing information they didn’t already know, but it also helps the business by increasing sales.

Custom floor mat showing pet brand

Your Business Needs Point of Purchase Mats

You need a POP mat because they:

  • Are versatile and can be used business-wide for numerous applications
  • Draw attention to the products and services you want to highlight
  • Offer safety and comfort to customers and clients
  • Provide useful information that can lead to sales

The point of purchase mats are available in different colors and sizes at Custom-Mats along with all of your other custom mat and rug needs. If you still need help finding the right custom mat, click here to contact us or give us a call at 800-330-1343. 

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