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Custom-Mats offers a large selection of sports rugs!

Custom Logo Mats

Need a custom logo mat? We can add your logo to one of our many styles of floor mats

Custom Logo Mats is your source for quality logo mats perfect for your business and branding needs. We offer a large selection of logo mats for many applications. We have both indoor and outdoor mats as well as hybrid mats that can be used in both areas. The basic indoor mat would go right inside the door, and the basic outdoor mat would go right outside the door. The recommended size for a single door entryway is 3' x 5' and 4' x 6' is perfect for a double door entryway. We also offer runners that can stretch down hallways or through a doorway.

Custom floor mats are used by the biggest brands around the world to showcase their dedication to quality. They pay for themselves when simply compared to mat rental programs but and the mega-brands know the real value is, again, BRAND VALUE! Seriously, who hasn’t been told to watch your step. You have to!

Our logo mats are custom made to order with your logo or design. We do not keep blank mats laying around collecting dust, the carpet is dyed per order and sent to you ensure quality in color and durability. Our art department can help you create custom designs for your logo mat as well, we can bring your ideas to a completed product custom made for you. Standard colors are available for most mats while other logo mats have a full color printing process to capture photo quality print on your custom floor mat. These custom mats are perfect for indoor, outdoor, and point of purchase applications.

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Save $8.85
Photo Rubber MatPhoto Rubber Mat
Computer Dyed Photorealistic Logo Mat with Rubber Backing
Sale priceFrom $79.68 Regular price$88.53
Save $7.11
Photo Rubber MatPhoto Rubber Mat
Computer Dyed Photorealistic Logo Mat with Vinyl Backing
Sale priceFrom $63.96 Regular price$71.07
Save $40.41
Custom Berber Inlay Logo Matberber inlay logo floor mat
Custom Berber Inlay Logo Mat
Sale priceFrom $202.03 Regular price$242.44
Save $40.94
Elite Berber Inlay Logo MatElite Berber Inlay Logo Mat
Elite Berber Inlay Logo Mat
Sale priceFrom $409.36 Regular price$450.30
Save $36.76
Computer Dyed Custom Logo Floor MatComputer Dyed Custom Logo Floor Mat
Computer Dyed Custom Logo Floor Mat
Sale priceFrom $183.80 Regular price$220.56
Save $40.44
Computer Dyed HD Custom Logo Floor MatCustom HD Logo Floor Mat
Computer Dyed HD Custom Logo Floor Mat
Sale priceFrom $202.18 Regular price$242.62
Save $41.36
Computer Dyed HD Custom Shape Matcustom shape HD mat
Computer Dyed HD Custom Shape Mat
Sale priceFrom $206.78 Regular price$248.14
Custom Berber InlayXL MatCustom Berber InlayXL Mat
Custom Berber InlayXL Mat
Sale priceFrom $4,530.00
Save $147.00
Custom Logo Elegant Shaved RugCustom Logo Elegant Shaved Rugs Face
Custom Logo Elegant Shaved Rug
Sale priceFrom $735.00 Regular price$882.00
Save $101.00
Custom Ultra Plush Inlay MatCustom Ultra Plush Inlay Mat National Guard
Custom Ultra Plush Inlay Mat
Sale priceFrom $505.00 Regular price$606.00
Desk Impressions MatDesk Impressions Mat
Desk Impressions Mat
Sale price$216.17
Floor Impressions Logo MatFloor Impressions Logo Mat
Floor Impressions Logo Mat
Sale priceFrom $163.08

Made in the USA

By focusing exclusively on logo floor mats, we are able to offer the best product in the industry. Every component of the finished logo mat is made completely in the U.S.A. Since our logo mats are custom, they are made to order per customer. Can't find the logo mat you are looking for? Call us at 800-330-1343 and we would be happy to help source the logo mat for you and provide a custom quote!

Floor Mat Safety

Custom-Mats provides logo mats that have a stable, firm, skid-resistant surface. By design, our mats meet the change in level, pile height and Static Coefficient of Friction requirements of the ADA. Our mats help collect and contain the dirt, grit, and moisture that could otherwise contribute to slip and fall accidents. Many of our mats have been certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Popular Custom Logo Mat Options

Indoor Logo Mats

Indoor logo mats for promoting your brand and keeping your entrance clean. The most popular indoor mat option we have is the Computer Dyed HD Logo Mat. This is a carpeted mat with a rubber backing that is usually placed just inside the door. This logo mat is the go-to mat for commercial grade, high-quality branding.

Outdoor Logo Mats

Outdoor Logo Mats for attracting business and reducing the dirt that enters your location while showing off your logo. Our most popular outdoor mat option is the Rubber Scraper Logo Mat. This is an all rubber mat that is normally placed just outside the door. This logo mat serves as the first line of defense while maintaining a quality brand image.

Point of Purchase Logo Mats

Point of Purchase Mats for promoting your new branding strategy at a trade show. The most popular product we offer for the point of purchase application is the Computer Dyed All-Rubber Full Color Promo Mat. This logo mat can produce a high-quality, photo-like image that is great for a marketing-oriented approach.

Logo Anti-Fatigue Mats & Plain Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue logo mats are a lesser known commodity than other logo mat options and serve multiple important functions. Logo Anti-Fatigue mats can promote your brand in places where employees stand for long periods of time, this also helps keep your employees safe and more productive. Our most popular logo Anti-fatigue Mat is the Anti-Fatigue Full Color Mat. This mat offers a cushioned surface that alleviates stress to the back and legs while increasing brand awareness. Plain mats can be used to help decorate a space or office and keep the area clean. Our most popular logo mat options are also offered as unbranded plain mat formats as a long-lasting reliable floor mats.

Logo Mat Rental Myths

Logo floor mat rental is more convenient than owning logo floor mats.

Logo floor mat rental includes a service agreement, which can range from weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Alternatively, businesses that own floor mats generally clean floor mats daily, based on their needs.

Logo mat rental is cheaper than buying new.

Over time, logo mat rental is considerably more expensive than ownership. Renting one standard 3’ x 5’ logo mat can cost nearly $800 over a five-year period – compare this to the cost of one high-performance logo mat of the same size, which costs $251 and will last the same amount of time, if not longer.

There are no benefits to purchasing and owning your own logo mats.

Purchased logo mats are cheaper, higher quality and designed to last for years. With our line of high-quality custom logo mats, you can customize appearance, function and purpose, providing a great branding opportunity.

Floor Matting for Seasonal Weather

Changing seasons can be a pain for people trying to keep the inside of their facilities clean. For many, whatever they can keep off the floor, they don’t have to pay to clean up. While floor mats are put in place to help this inevitable issue, end-users don’t always situate the mats in the correct spaces or applications to achieve maximum efficiency. A matting system enables you to be most efficient when using mats in your facility and to also better push a brand by enforcing impressions with every mat that customers walk across.

The indoor and outdoor matting system is the most common method of placing floor mats in a facility. Placing the Outdoor Scraper Logo Mat just outside the door will serve as a first line of defense, picking up a lot of the larger chunks of weather elements and general outdoor dirt. This Indoor Compudye Logo Mat will stay cleaner for a longer period of time since it sits just inside the door.

A walk-off mat placed just after the indoor mat is great for picking up or drying any other weather elements that may be left on someone’s feet as they walk in the door. It can also serve as an additional branding impression right after the front entrance, which helps boost brand recognition.

Sports Rugs

Show Support for your favorite Sports Teams

Licensed Sports Rugs

Custom-Mats is proud to offer residential area rugs. Our officially licensed sports rugs are great for your living room or man cave, these rugs can even be hung on the wall for decoration. We offer sports rugs for every team in many of the popular sports leagues. These rugs are also officially licensed by the league and made per order offering a high quality product. Our traditional rug collection is offers the perfect piece of decor for your living space. Custom-Mats is proud to offer rugs from top brands such as Milliken and Fanmats. Milliken rugs are known for their high quality, innovative rug designs, and one of the widest selections of patterned rugs on the market. Milliken offers exclusive designed licensed rugs for their collegiate, guy harvey, and realtree collections as as as traditional style rugs for their many home collections. Fanmats is know for licensed sports rugs for many leagues, these rugs are affordable and look great in any man cave.


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