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Keeping up with today's fashion and styles can be a tough task as it requires lots of paying attention. Luckily, we have the current rug trends of 2021 featured in this article to save you the time of doing your own research!

  • Say Hello To Vintage Rugs
  • Chevron Patterns
  • Kill It With Kilim Rugs

Say Hello To Vintage Rugs

Of course, thousands of vintage rugs are filled throughout the web. Typically, there is a faded look to display a “vintage and old style”. This trend is very well still in! Perfect for the living room or even bedroom, use vintage rugs for larger areas. Bring vintage rugs to life today with plenty of different patterns and styles to choose from.

Chevron Patterns

This zig-zag pattern is very popular. Geometric styles such as chevron, bring a great deal of texture and noise to the room. Too much of it can be a bit overwhelming so be sure to add it to areas that are less detailed and more modern and flat. Though chevron looks great on most patterns including stripes and floral.

Colorful patterned area rug

Kill It with Kilim Patterns

Kilim rugs have been around for just about forever. These styles come from different countries including Africa and Turkey. If you are looking for another great geometric patterned area rug with plenty of colors and sophistication, Kilim rugs are sure to kill it for your house! Add these rugs to your bedroom, living space or hallways.

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