Indoor custom floor mat

If you are a business owner looking for a more professional way of designating 6 feet distances or social distancing overall, it may be time to invest in a more aesthetically pleasing solution. The answer? Social distancing mats. In this article, we will break down the 3 benefits of investing in social distancing mats.

Social Distancing Mats Are Informative

These large mats with custom sizes are informative mats that provide a message for users to read at a distance. No matter the size of your businesses indoor area, social distancing mats can be customized to fit and also be relocated. Common messages on social distancing mats include “Please Practice Social Distancing” with a graphic of two humans with a distance in feet labeled with arrows. Additionally, with a professional logo mats company such as Custom Mats, we can provide your logo included at the top or bottom of your mat.

Heavy Duty Mats

Social distancing mats should be heavy duty. Typically, used in a walk-in business such a grocery store, schools, hospitals, and offices, you’ll want these mats to be durable and tough. Heavy-duty mats are great as they are long-lasting and sized to highlight the message on mats. 

Non-Slip Mats

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been around for more than we’d all expect. Respectfully, non-slip mats are designed to last for years. Other benefits of non-slip mats are that they have the ability to handle wet conditions, preventing trips, falls, and slips in the workplace. Have a social distancing mat that provides safety and a great graphic!

Investing in a social distancing mat that is informative, heavy duty, and non-slip are all key factors in enhancing your business. If you are interested in our wide selection of custom logo mats that are non-slip and heavy duty, simply contact us or give us a call at 800-330-1343. We’d be more than happy to have our product specialists help you!

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