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DigiPrint Floor Mat

  • Revolutionary, HD digital printing.
  • 10 times the resolution of previously available products.
  • Extremely plush carpet.
  • Treated with StainStopper™.
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DigiPrint HD Indoor Logo Mats print picture-quality images onto a 32 oz. Nylon carpet mat. These indoor logo mats offer unparalleled detail and no compromise in quality. Because of the unique manufacturing process by which these indoor mats are printed with jets controlled by a computer, there is virtually no combination of colors that can not be used. You also won’t be restricted to a predetermined number of colors. You can have as many colors as you like on your personalized floor mats, truly making and logo or design possible. Images are printed with ten times the clarity and detail that was previously possible! You will be amazed by the clarity and precision of these indoor logo mats. Personalized floor mats become a beautiful part of an office building. Especially with DigiPrint HD, these personalized floor mats really pop out at you.

  • Pricing based on individual Design
  • Due to normal variances in production, exact size of mats cannot be guaranteed. A variance of 3%-5% can be expected on all mat sizes.
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