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Custom logo mats are invaluable tools for enhancing your business's brand visibility and making a lasting impression on customers. These mats serve as powerful marketing assets, providing free advertisement and reinforcing your brand identity from the moment customers step through your door. Whether placed at entrances, reception areas, or throughout your establishment, custom logo mats from Custom-Mats offer versatile solutions for promoting your business. So, where exactly can you incorporate them?

Entryways and Exits

Custom indoor floor mats with logos are perfect for greeting customers as they enter and exit your business. Placing logo door mats at entry points ensures that your brand is the first and last thing customers see, creating a memorable impression. Not only do these custom floor mats with logos reinforce your brand identity, but they also contribute to an inviting atmosphere for your customers.

Wet Areas

If you are looking for the best commercial entrance mat, it should absorb water and dirt. Placing mats near coffee stations, bathrooms and showers, or any area near water is optimal. This will not only save you time cleaning, but it will save everyone from potential slips or falls as mentioned in our anti-fatigue article.

Indoor custom logo mat

Keep Areas Clean

One significant benefit is maintaining cleanliness in your office space. Outdoor custom logo rugs with rubber scrapers effectively remove dirt before entering the business premises. Given the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, it's crucial for business owners to uphold a reputation for cleanliness and sanitation.


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