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GSA (General Service Administration) Mats are, as the name suggests, used in general service areas such as restaurants, grocery stores, seminars, companies, etc. The GSA was established with the purpose of providing quality products for government agencies and other categories. According to, GSA approved mats essentially means a company or organization can sell products or services to the US Government through the GSA. Our GSA approved commercial indoor mats and commercial outdoor mats that are durable, long-lasting, and indicate service providers care about their health, comfort, etc. 

Custom-Mats provides GSA mats that also include indoor GSA logo mats and outdoor GSA logo mats in different colors with custom logo mats in different sizes that include: 

  • Point of Purchase
  • Plain Indoor
  • Plain Outdoor
  • Military Rugs
  • Plain GSA Anti-Fatigue 

Furthermore, our point of purchase GSA mats such as the Computer Dyed HD Floor Mat, can be used in any high traffic area such as conference halls, visitor centers, etc. Additionally, you can add your business logo to provide a presentable clean look to your customers. 

Similarly, plain GSA indoor and outdoor GSA  high traffic carpet mats will help in the entrance area as a commercial entry mat, so people can easily walk on it, keeping the area clean. It will also help in seminars, presentations, marriage ceremonies, etc. 

If you still need help finding the right GSA commercial floor mat, simply contact us or give us a call at 800-330-1343. We’d be more than happy to have our product specialists help you!

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