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Buying an indoor logo mat may seem easy on the surface. It may come as a surprise that there are many common mistakes consumers make when purchasing an indoor logo mat. 

With a common goal or protecting floors and welcoming guests, there are many styles and materials to choose from. So what are the biggest mistakes you can make?

  • Location
  • Surface
  • Application



According to AbsorbTech, “Simply covering your entire floor surface in floor mats is not the most effective strategy for protecting your people and your floors.  In fact, too many floor mats can lead to a trip hazard” Where you place your mat defines its true purpose. If you are looking to prevent slips and falls, invest in a mat that absorbs water. Though you’ll want to place them near high risk areas such as water fountains, pipes, sinks, and more.

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Indoor logo mats are designed to fit specific surfaces. Having a poor placement of floor mats may lead to an accident or encourage dirty floors in the future.



Understanding the different types of indoor logo mats will help guide you in the application process. “While a walk mat works well in an office or lobby application, it does not provide the best protection on a shop floor or in an oily environment. Some floor mat vendors will recommend a walk mat in a shop floor environment because they do not offer a floor mat designed for industrial application.”

In conclusion, indoor logo mats are essential to all businesses though the location, surface, and application all play a key role in investing in the perfect floor mat. Do you need help finding the right indoor logo mat? Let our product specialists help! Please call us at 800-330-1343, and we would be happy to help.

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