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We all realize that rain causes a lot of slipping in the house and business offices with water and mud. In offices, many people come in and out, which makes the floor slippery which is dangerous for the customers and as well as for the staff of the office. During the rainy season, and also snowfall, this can happen in homes with family members and kids going outside; making the floor wet and slick which can lead to serious injuries according to the CDC. Custom Mats can resolve slick floors for your business with our commercial water mats and commercial safety mats.

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Dangers Of Slippery Floors for your Business

It is also seen that most times during a rainy season, the slick floor of the house and business office become a reason for slip and fall injuries. You must also consider that if due to your negligence anyone slips and falls in your office due to the wet and slippery floor then you are responsible for the economic and non-economic compensation. According to Nolo, “Remember that there must be negligence in order to win a slip and fall case. The most important issues affecting negligence that come up in a slippery floor case are generally the following:

  • Was the floor unreasonably slippery?
  • Why was the floor slippery?
  • Was there a warning about the slippery condition?
  • Did you know that the floor was slippery before you slipped?

Further, in order to prove that the defendant was negligent, you must prove that it knew or should reasonably have known of that unsafe condition”

This is the reason that Custom-Mats are offering Slip-Resistant Floor Mat which will help in absorbing water and mud so the indoor area of your business office and house will remain safe. Custom-Mats will help you to provide Slip Resistant Floor Mats in different colors and sizes according to your requirements within the delivery time.

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