Mechanic standing on anti-fatigue mat

If you find yourself spending long hours standing on unforgiving concrete floors, rest assured that anti-fatigue mats can make a difference in your life. As the name suggests, anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide comfort for those who spend most of their time standing on hard surfaces such as concrete floors. They are not just an accessory to improve branding, but an essential tool for promoting blood flow and keeping your muscles active. The real question is: Do anti-fatigue mats truly work and make a difference? Check out our selection of custom floor mats at Custom-Mats and keep reading for more information!!

Why We Need Anti-Fatigue Mats

When standing for too long, the body’s muscles become tense to keep you balanced. Standing for long periods at a time will reduce your blood flow, causing joint and muscle aches. The additional cushioning of anti-fatigue mats promotes blood flow instead! Additionally, anti-fatigue mats encourage muscles to keep moving in a subtle, comfortable way.

Foot pain

Benefits and Research of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Loughborough University conducted a research study on the effects of standing with anti-fatigue mats.  The results verified that standing for so long on a concrete floor was extremely damaging to the legs, feet, and back, and stiffness in the shoulders and neck as well. The study also concluded that the use of anti-fatigue mats — mats designed to reduce stresses on the feet and legs when standing for long periods — can help prevent many of these health concerns. 

Our Anti-Fatigue Mats

Custom-Mats provides anti-fatigue mats and a variety of custom floor mats that are designed to ease the tension! Our Plain Pebble Tech Anti-Fatigue mat includes:

  • Vinyl Covered Highly Durable Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Interior Vinyl Foam Structure
  • Black and Grey Colors Available
  • Custom Sizes Also Available Upon Request

    Anti-fatigue mats are a game-changer for those who spend their days on hard surfaces. Don't let hard floors dictate your discomfort any longer — invest in high-quality anti-fatigue mats and experience the difference for yourself. Reach out to Custom-Mats today! We have a wide range of custom floor mats that will help make your workday easier, available in a variety of size options. We’d be more than happy to have our product specialists help you!