Beautiful office space

If your office space looks a little cluttered or simply is an eye-sore, continue reading. You know that a clean office space allows your employees to work more efficiently. Whether you’ve already invested in top of the line chairs, desks, printers, and computers, there is always room for improvement. Increase your teams productivity with these 3 tips on improving your office space:

  • Natural Light Is The Best
  • Color Scheme Adjustments
  • New Area Created

Natural Lighting

Letting the light in with natural light improves and increases productivity. According to the NREL, a research was conducted proving that natural lighting allows employees in a building to work more efficiently and stay focused.  “With properly installed and maintained daylighting systems, natural light has proved to be beneficial for the health, productivity, and safety of building occupants. Natural light helps maintain good health and can cure some medical ailments. The pleasant environment created by natural light decreases stress levels for office workers. Productivity increases with the improved health of workers, and with better productivity comes financial benefits for employers. Students also perform better with natural light. Across the nation, studies have shown students in daylit rooms achieve higher test scores than students in windowless or poorly lit classrooms. Along with better test scores, student health also improves from the increase in vitamin D intake. Students have fewer dental cavities and grow more under full-spectrum lighting.”

 Be sure that your office space has at least one area with natural lighting for your employees and for yourself to go throughout the work day!

Color Scheme Adjustments

Take a look at your company's brand colors and develop another color scheme that will pair together. Re-doing your office’s color scheme can completely change the environment of the workplace. Different colors promote different psychological effects such as blue than can be calming or green that can keep you focused.

Office space

New Area Created

Sometimes, a minor change such as designating a new area or creating one for conferences or team collaboration is all it takes. These breakout areas will allow your employees to relax or think better. Refocus and recharge with this new area. Don’t forget to add new furniture if needed including a new custom logo mat.

Of course, having a commercial door mat or a custom logo mat throughout your office is a good idea too, Custom-Mats is offering military rugs at a very affordable price, so it is the second most important advantage. You can use it anywhere you want at a very affordable price. If you still need help finding military rugs, simply contact us or give us a call at 800-330-1343. We’d be more than happy to have our product specialists help you!

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