Anti-Fatigue Mats and The Perils of Standing

Standing in place for long periods of time isn’t exactly something you get excited about. However, you have a job to do and that may mean just that. Standing for hours at a time has negative health benefits associated with it. We are solution-oriented around these parts! Wake up and pay attention to what we’re about to lay down.  

Mats That Matter

Excessive standing can lead to inflammation of veins. Your spine, hip, knees, and ankles can all lock up just from standing in place too long. That doesn’t exactly scream “comfortable”. Consider using an anti-fatigue to help keep these symptoms at bay! Not all mats are created equally.  

Benefits That Fit

Anti-Fatigue mats can be customized! Indoor GSA logo mats can be made anti-fatigue. Show off your brand to your employees or offer a custom solution that makes them feel unique! These can pair well with any of your point-of-purchase mats or commercial indoor mats. 

It’s No Small Feat

At the end of the day, an anti-fatigue mat alone won’t completely relieve fatigue or pain. When combined with a proper work area, it can reduce these symptoms. Be sure that you are incorporating other ergonomic practices to receive full benefit.

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