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Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue Smooth

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Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue is our #1 seller year in and year out for static control applications. Perhaps it's because the mat so effectively protects sensitive equipment while dramatically reducing standing fatigue. Or perhaps it's because the mat is so remarkably durable and features our top of the line Nitricell sponge. Or maybe it's that Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue outlasts and outperforms every copycat mat [yes, Wearwell came first], providing the best long-term value for ESD applications. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that this mat will always live up to high expectations…like any seasoned All-Pro player. It's a winner!

  • "Best" sponge base
  • Nitricell sponge base delivers 2X the resilience and 3X the life of typical sponges
  • Lay-flat design and up to 20% more standing area than look-alikes
  • Overall thickness, Standard 9/16" (14 mm) or UltraSoft 15/16" (24 mm)
  • Grounding snap is attached to the corner of each mat (NOTE: Mat must be grounded with a ground cord; workers must wear Heel Grounder or shoes with conductive soles)

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