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We are here today preparing for the upcoming holidays and working on ways to advertise to you, our fans. We are working on ads for Facebook and are stuck between 2 different Ads. We here at Custom-Mats value your opinions and are seeking your help on what to choose. If you respond to this post letting us know what option you like and why we will send you a special promo code to use on our website for an extra 10% discount! Here are the options:

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Custom Mat Ideas – Anti-Fatigue Full Color Mat

Anti-Fatigue Full Color Mat


Anti-Fatigue Full Color Mats are produced by molding a digitally printed thermo-plastic material into durable Nitrile rubber. The photographic-quality images have excellent color tones and shades with unparalleled details and clarity. With the 5/8” thick closed-cell cushion backing, these mats provide long and outstanding comfort. Anti-Fatigue Full Color Mat are certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.


Custom Mat Ideas – Waterhog Inlay Mat

Waterhog Inlay Mat


The perfect combination of design and function, Waterhog Inlay mats are created with a unique inlay process where the logo is cut from durable, UV resistant polypropylene fabric and pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. Green-friendly, 100% rubber backing contains 20% recycled content, lays flat and will not crack or curl. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Absorbing up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, this mat is sure to protect your floors in style. Available in up to 18 colors per mat at no additional charge. Easy to clean! Vacuum, steam clean, or hose off.


Custom Mat Ideas – PhotoMats



PhotoMats are printed using a four-color dye sublimation process on a polyester knit fabric surface, creating photo quality images with amazing detail. These mats are made with a durable Nitrile rubber backing for oil resistance and flexibility. Ideal for light to medium traffic areas, these mats are perfect for point of purchase programs, displays, bar and counter tops, events, trade shows and short promotional use.